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Type                      :               Chain

Brand                    :               Classy Jewels

Clasp type           :               Lobster

Material type     :               Silver & Moissanite

Metal type          :               Silver

Chain type          :               Hip Hop

Gem type            :               Moissanite

Occasion type    :               Festive, Engagement, Promise, Wedding, Anniversary, Eternity

Country of Origin              India


Our product is a stunning Moissanite Chain featuring a beautiful silver metal setting. The Moissanite gemstone is known for its brilliance and durability, making it a popular choice for jewelry. The silver metal complements the sparkle of the Moissanite, creating an elegant and timeless piece. Whether you're looking for a gift or a special treat for yourself, this Moissanite Chain with silver metal is sure to impress. our Moissanite Chain with silver metal. Moissanite is a unique gemstone known for its brilliance, fire, and durability, making it an excellent alternative to traditional diamonds. Our Moissanite Chain offers the same stunning beauty and sparkle as diamonds at a fraction of the cost, making it an attractive choice for those looking for high-quality jewelry without the high price tag. Additionally, moissanite is an ethical and sustainable option, as it is created in a lab environment. We believe that our Moissanite Chain with silver metal is a smart and stylish choice for anyone looking for beautiful, affordable, and eco-friendly jewelry.


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CJ| VVS Moissanite Hip Hop Cuban Chain 14MM Iced Out Necklace CB_5034



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